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Types of OCD

Types of OCD One of the wonderful things about OCD treatment at A Place of Hope is that you can figure out what type of OCD you are suffering from. More importantly, you’ll learn that you can indeed take back your life and be free of the obsessions and compulsions you’ve struggled with for so long.

Obsessive compulsive disorder treatment at A Place of Hope is effective and inspiring. There are five types of OCD, and we can help those suffering from any of them to gain a new lease on life. These types include:

  • Washers are so concerned about germs and contamination that they wash their hands obsessively until they are red and raw
  • Checkers are so concerned about the possibility of harm or danger that they obsessively check to make sure the stove or iron is off, that the door is locked or that their parking brake is on
  • Doubters are afraid something bad will happen if everything is not perfect
  • Counters or arrangers are so concerned about order that they obsessively count or arrange things to be just “right”
  • Hoarders don’t throw things away because they are afraid something bad will happen if they do

Our whole-person approach to treatment for OCD is unique in and of itself. It is also a proven form of counseling that has helped patients suffering from the same things you are experiencing today. Compulsive therapy at A Place of Hope will allow you to obtain the peace of mind you so richly deserve. We know that there are many OCD treatment options out there, but few offer what you’ll find at our residential treatment facility.

Seek the obsessive compulsive disorder help you need in a safe and supportive environment. A Place of Hope invites you to get the ball rolling on your OCD treatment by filling out the form on this page. Doing so will lead to a phone conversation with one of our experienced counselors, who will discuss the parameters of our whole-person, unforced treatment with you.


"Never in my wildest dreams could I ever think that I could feel so 'whole.' I am, however! I feel 'oneness' with myself – no longer disjointed and fragmented. It feels wonderful! I am so free to be!!"

"I would trust my counselor with my life, and I am. She helps me turn stressful situations into easier to handle healthy discussions."

"Excellent, straight forward, simple, honest attack on the confusion and fears we had. You have re-taught us how to separate the wheat from the chaff. We don't hesitate to recommend your services."

"[I learned] how to take in information and not panic to the worst possible conclusions or worry about the unknown."