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OCD Treatment Change your life by seeking OCD treatment at A Place of Hope. Obsessive compulsive disorder has the ability to take over one's life and make that life unmanageable and overwhelming. Our whole person approach to treatment for OCD will allow you to reclaim the life you once had by looking at the core issues at play inside of you

Do yourself and your loved ones a favor by seeking the help you need at our Center for Counseling and Health Resources today. We can help you to deal with and overcome:

  • OCD related stress
  • OCD related depression
  • OCD related bipolar disorder
  • Severe obsessive compulsive disorder
  • OCD-related PTSD

OCD is a mental illness that can absolutely be cured. Whole-person treatment at The Center will allow you to get back to a place in your life where you can make the most of every moment. We individualize treatment programs to address the specific needs of the individual. Make this the moment that you are proactive in seeking the help you need and reclaiming the life you deserve.

A Place of Hope is a highly respected treatment facility that has specialized in helping OCD patients for well over two decades. Our whole-person approach takes a comprehensive assessment of:

  • Chemical dependency
  • Behavior addiction
  • Mental health
  • Vocational and career needs
  • Family functioning and issues
  • Health of social relationships
  • Physical health and fitness
  • Medical and nutritional needs
  • And more

We make it easy for you to submit your information and receive a call from one of our experienced counselors. Simply fill out the form on the right side of this page, and embrace the power of hope and the possibility of change in your life. 


"Never in my wildest dreams could I ever think that I could feel so 'whole.' I am, however! I feel 'oneness' with myself – no longer disjointed and fragmented. It feels wonderful! I am so free to be!!"

"[I learned] how to take in information and not panic to the worst possible conclusions or worry about the unknown."

"Excellent, straight forward, simple, honest attack on the confusion and fears we had. You have re-taught us how to separate the wheat from the chaff. We don't hesitate to recommend your services."

"I would trust my counselor with my life, and I am. She helps me turn stressful situations into easier to handle healthy discussions."