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OCD Behaviors

OCD BehaviorsYou can live free of the chains of obsession through compulsive therapy at our OCD treatment center. We know that right now your life feels like a constant battle, but A Place of Hope wants you to know that there are OCD treatment options at your disposal.

Obsessive compulsive disorder manifests itself in uncontrollable thoughts and behaviors that can disrupt your life. Treatment at A place of Hope will allow you to eliminate these thoughts and behaviors from your life so that you can reclaim the balance that was once a part of your everyday existence.

  • Our residential treatment facility is home to experienced and proven OCD specialists
  • We help patients suffering all 5 types of obsessive compulsive disorders
  • Your treatment plan will be customized to suit your needs
  • We have offered treatment for OCD sufferers for over two decades

You’ll find compassionate and experienced OCD therapists at A Place of Hope. Unlike other OCD clinics, obsessive compulsive disorder treatment and counseling is based upon our patented “whole-person” approach to recovery. Our goal is to help replace your anxiety with peace by providing a compassionate atmosphere in which to seek obsessive compulsive disorder help.

Get the help you need through obsessive compulsive therapy at our Center for Counseling and Health Resources.

  • Stay for a length of time best-suited for you
  • Benefit from a whole-person approach that takes a comprehensive look at you from a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level
  • Share your experiences in group and individual therapy
  • Enjoy an all-inclusive stay that allows you to focus exclusively on your recovery
  • Learn to forgive yourself and others
  • Accept God’s grace in your life

Learning more about treatment for OCD at A Place of Hope is easy. Simply fill out the form on this page. When you do you’ll receive a phone call from one of our counselors. During this confidential call you can have all of your questions answered. Most importantly, you’ll learn that hope is alive and your OCD is a temporary thing.


"I would trust my counselor with my life, and I am. She helps me turn stressful situations into easier to handle healthy discussions."

"Excellent, straight forward, simple, honest attack on the confusion and fears we had. You have re-taught us how to separate the wheat from the chaff. We don't hesitate to recommend your services."

"[I learned] how to take in information and not panic to the worst possible conclusions or worry about the unknown."

"Never in my wildest dreams could I ever think that I could feel so 'whole.' I am, however! I feel 'oneness' with myself – no longer disjointed and fragmented. It feels wonderful! I am so free to be!!"